Saturday, May 18, 2024
SONJO Migunani

SONJO Migunani #1: Vacuum Frozen Packing

One of the challenges that has been faced by the SMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic is how to extend the sales, when the mobility is limited. For the culinary SMEs in the SONJO, in the beginning of the pandemic, their sales were limited in the area of Yogyakarta. Their coverage areas are limited by the coverage of online motor cycle taxi (ojek). In order to extend the possibility for the culinary SMEs in the SONJO to market their products beyond Yogyakarta, we organized SONJO Migunani #1. The topic was Vacuum Frozen Packing and Hanung Sudibyono was the speaker for this event. Hanung has pioneered a new type of noodle, called mie letheg (murky noodle). The noodle is made from casava/tapioca and in the old days in Bantul, it was used for mixing with conventional noodle. In 2014, Hanung pioneered the mie letheg and it has been served as a stand alone dishes.

In the first three month of the pandemic (March – May 2020) he closed his restaurant. However, many of his loyal customers from Jakarta and Bandung asked him the possibility to by the noodle. Hanung has tried to learn a vacuum frozen packing for his products, and after trial and error process, he found the best method for vacuum frozen packing. This event was held on 20 July 2020 and Hanung shared his skills and experience to the members of the SONJO and to the wider audience.

The video of the webinar may be access in here: