Wednesday, April 17, 2024
SONJO Migunani

SONJO Migunani #8: The Power of Greteh; The Role of PKK in Enforcing Health Protocols

The pandemic, formally, has hit Indonesia for 16 months although there is no sign of abating. Although the epi-curve since February-May 2021 has shown a drastic decline, 4 weeks after Eid, there has been a drastic increase in Covid-19 patients. One of the factors for the recent increase in patients, apart from viral mutations, is also due to people’s fatigue in implementing health protocols. That there are other factors that cause people to be less disciplined in implementing health protocols, it is recognized. One of the main factors is government policies which are often contradictory to each other, until the statements of officials contradict one another.

Despite the various complexities above, in the field, the role of PKK (Pendidikan Kesejahteraan Keluarga / Family Welfare Education) turns out to be very large in efforts to enforce health protocol. Even today, PKK plays an active role in the success of vaccination in villages. That in the field there are rejections by various elements of society regarding the implementation of health care and vaccination, it is a fact. But at the same time, PKK tirelessly, driven by maternal instincts, strives to encourage the implementation of health and vaccination programs in their environment. Various programs, ranging from preventive, curative to rehabilitative related to COVID-19, are carried out by PKK voluntarily. The “gotong royong” or social capital movement is a program pattern carried out by the PKK.

SONJO presents SONJO Migunani #8: The Power of Greteh; The Role of the PKK in Enforcing Health Protocols. This webinar invited speakers: Niken Arisapto (Chairman of PKK in Mulyodadi Village, Bantul) and Sartini (PKK activist in Sumbermulyo Village), and moderated by: Evi Noor Afifah (Department of Economics, FEB, UGM).

The presentation files are as follows (in Indonesian):
Niken Arisapto: Greteh Mode On; PKK’s Main Capital in the Struggle to Face the COVID-19 Pandemic

The recording of SONJO Migunani #8 can be accessed at the following link: