Saturday, May 18, 2024
SONJO Migunani

SONJO Migunani #6 Infectious COVID-19 Corpse Handling by Community

There is an unprecedented event due to the surge of COVID-19 patients.  When hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of patients, and so does the ability of the hospital to handle the infectious COVID-19 corpses. During December 2020 – February 2021, all hospitals in Yogyakarta were overwhelmed with the surge of the COVID-19 patients. There was a long waiting list of the COVID-19 patients among the referred hospitals in Yogyakarta. Accordingly, many COVID-19 patients at home, could not be admitted in the hospital and there were many cases of the patients died at home. In this circumstance, the COVID-19 corpse could not be handled in a hospital as the patient died at home. The question is: who would handle the COVID-19 corpse if a COVID-19 patient died at home? Obviously, this will be conducted by community in the neighborhood.

This webinar discussed the infectious COVID-19 corpse handling by community, and it was held on 9 May 2021. This event may never occur in developed countries, but it is very contextual in developing countries, including in Indonesia. We present two speakers for this event: Dumono and Tri Didik Wibowo Edi, both from Dr Sardjito Hospital, and the moderator was Beta Ahlam Gizela, PhD (FK-KMK, UGM). Dumono presented materials of COVID-19 corpse handling from the perspective of Islam, and Tri Didik Wibowo Edi presented materials from the perspective of Christianity. The presentation materials of the webinar may be downloaded here:

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The link of the webinar is as follows